Beeper series-launched by WIZVAPOR in 2022.Recalling the retro industrial aesthetic of the '90s pager. Using the ARM CORTEX master chip to support stable output performance, with unique UI and exclusive system, open atomization chamber, atomization pod interface customization. Give vapers a more intimate and easy-to-handle harm-reduction atomization equipment. 

WIZVAPOR大飛蒸汽在2021年秋推出全新的Beeper系列,回味90年代傳呼機的復古工業美學,採用ARM CORTEX主控芯片支持穩定的輸出性能,獨一無二的UI操作界面和專屬系統,開放的霧化倉、霧化彈接口定制,讓蒸汽用戶們獲得更貼心、易上手的減害霧化設備。

  • Power Bank - Green Power

    Retro Cyber Aesthetics, Fast Charging, Precise and strong Attachment , Pixel style smart digital display , Built-in Fun Features and Games, Comes with a 20w fast charging cable , Support lightning input. Stay Connected and Energized!

  • Beeper AIO

    Beeper AIO is specifically designed for DIY vapors, following the spirit of Boro Design and Rebuildable. Each accessory of BEEPER AIO host equipment is made by independent CNC and hand-polished. It insists on fine production and not mass production. Users can change different Boro tanks and the accessories on the BEEPER AIO device. Greatly improved the playability of the device, Let vaping bring more fun for vapers.

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  • Mini Beeper

    A retro vape pod system “Mini Beeper”

    Return to the beeper design in the 1990s.

    It has a 1.7-inch OLED screen, unique UI and exclusive system, up to 24W output power, built-in 6 heating curves and 10 flavor definitions.

    6 color options, also has panels, back stickers, back clips and other accessories for DIY. It is a portable vaporizer that combines retro aesthetics and innovative functions.