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The Oriental stoner enjoys the union of heaven and huma in the weed wonderland.


The hermit on the far hills, who refresh his spirit by closing his eyes, and pursues the harmony of


nature and man.




Swear to revive eastern paradise, each organization conveys the idea of peace&love in a different


way. Four-ear-elf bless each of the Shen Nong offspring to obtain the supreme wisdom.



Oriental stoner Tee’s fabric adopts high quality cotton, and joined in the pure cotton with  Linen


fabrics. It not only has the softness of pure cotton, but also has the plasticity of flax. Besides, it is


anti pilling, breathable and air dry.



Secondly, our Tee adopts the green and pollution-free digital color spray, and the excellent


printing, the high definition of the frame on the front and back, and it's hard to fade.


In every production link, the quality output of each 『Oriental Stoner』 is guaranteed.


By adhering to the Wizman’s purpose, we use the highest quality and love to make every related


smoking products.



The stoner who collects the souvenir Tee will also receive the Wizman’s special gift


——a linen Carrying Case of「Compendium of Materia Medica」 !


Can carry multiple rolling papers and joints!



Production Executive: 100HeartbeatsClub


illustration design :wizman大飛社


大飛社 x 愛大理 x 西夏空軍 x 大 麻 城 x 草本研究團