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At the edge of losing contact


Listen to the whisper of God


And look into the eternal paradise


Who lands on the deepest and darkest heart


is another self that protecting me in the higher dimension trips



Four Ears Elf*


Sing out her blessing to the earth people!


That is the secret of being one with our mother nature. 


*Four Ears Elf, pronounced “si”, ”er”, ”ling” in Chinese, is homophonic to “420”. 



Own brand STREETWARN LTD “LOVEDALI” managed by YuHuang since 2005.Our products


covered skateboards stuff,clothing and accessories. Reggae is the major style of these stuff.At the


same time ,we integrated various elements national style,psychedelic,Rock N’ roll,Tatto and so




All boards are made of the superior maple imported from Canada and American white emulsion.Platen workmanship has two different ways, cold-pressing and hot-pressing.Furthermore,the boards are thin and light.In the case of ensuring the strength and elasticity of the boards surface,to reduce the weight at maximum degree,so the thickness is less than 10 mm.



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