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#Product Introduction#


Fast heated 10s to 300c !
Large Electricity , Pass to your friend at party time !
High Temp Dab Powerful Keep 420C !
3 Temp Levels Bud / Oil / Wax !
Never waste in Airtight vape space !
Real Cool Night Light Vapor !

*Eyes-catching industrial design: concentrate lover’s light saber; black matte surface with laminated design.



*Unbelievable heating speed: use 26650 battery with 4200 mhA capacity; 42A power output and special designed power boost module for reaching 300C within 10 seconds. 

*Multiple temperature setting: 3 temperature levels for BUD / OIL / WAX with display screen and easy switching buttons; temperature limits module for both low, medium and high temperature vaporizing. 

*User-oriented design: unique chamber design to lock the herb essentials; transparent chamber door for intuitive observation; openable top cap for easy cleaning and coil changing. 


*Innovative and premium packaging design: 8-bit Gameboy graphic design that rules the display shelf; high-end rigid box with soft touch surface.

*More creative accessories in the box: professional glass bong with silicon mouth piece that prevents water spilling; glowing USB cable that indicates charging status; lighting clip and a spare heat coil; Lego-like silicon container for wax storage



Wiz Vapor DABLISS 


Wiz Vapor Dabliss Introduction 710/2017  6mins 1mins


#Structural description#



  1. Dabliss
  2. Glass Bong
  3. Wax tool
  4. Lego wax storage
  5. LED tweezers
  6. Silicon filter
  7. User manual card
  8. Titanium pot
  9. LED usb data cable
  10. 26650 battery
  11. Wizman 420 Stickers

Weight : 960 g
Packing box Size : 270*148*57mm

Retail Price :
246 $

#Dabliss handbook#